Western Battery Company

For 35 years Western Battery Company has taken pride in providing only quality products to the Central West, and our huge buying power means big savings for our customers. The business enjoys a first class reputation, and since 1999 owners Steve and Merril Turner have prided themselves on continued quality, service and price, ensuring steady growth for the company. Call in or contact Western Battery Company today.

Steve & Merril Turner

SLA batteries


SLA, AGM and Gel batteries for stand by and cycling applications. Top quality sealed lead acid in all sizes for 6 volt or 12 volt use.

In ascertaining the style and type of SLA battery that you need it is always best to bring in your old battery or determine a part number, so that our friendly staff can make your purchase straight forward.

Talk to our staff about your application, so that we can recommend the most appropriate battery for you.

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