Western Battery Company

For 35 years Western Battery Company has taken pride in providing only quality products to the Central West, and our huge buying power means big savings for our customers. The business enjoys a first class reputation, and since 1999 owners Steve and Merril Turner have prided themselves on continued quality, service and price, ensuring steady growth for the company. Call in or contact Western Battery Company today.

Steve & Merril Turner

Deep cycle and marine batteries

Deep cycle and marine

Quality deep cycle and marine batteries in a range of styles and sizes to suit standby, 4WD, mobility, caravans and boats. Available in maintenance free and conventional.

Deep Cycle batteries are manufactured with thicker plates and are made to discharge more deeply than conventional batteries. A deep cycle battery is recommended for cycling applications, and in an emergency can also be used as a cranking battery.


Marine batteries are manufactured to withstand rugged and 'open water' situations with tigthly consturucted plates and have some cycling capacity as well as cranking capacity in order to run depth sounders, fish finders, light, GPS, 12 volt fridges etc.

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